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Fairy tales are the crops of folk culture and literature. In this context, they serve as a mirror reflecting the social life of the people. These oral culture products carry the customs and traditions of the society in which they are formed orally. We can find the experiences, social order and beliefs of our old people in the fairy tales which are transferred orally from generation to generation. In this respect, fairy tales are the carriers of our culture. Kilis tales are a legacy that has been told in this region for centuries and left to children from old people. From which period and from which people have passed the fairy tales have reached today, we do not know about this. However, these tales, which have survived through the ages, are interesting in terms of showing the old Kilis and people living in this city. In addition, the social status and life of the fairy-tale heroes living before ages attract attention in terms of reflecting the social life of the old Kilis. The myths of the old generation and social life make the tales a mirror of society. While the fairy tales draw the social structure of the society on the one hand, they draw the panorama of the old Kilis to us. The cases described in the tales of Kilis give us clues about the social structure of Kilis.

Kilis folk tales, social life, oral culture.


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