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It is seen that approaches sensitive to the environment and energy in the field of structure design and architecture are incresing as a result of awakening public opinion and awareness of society and paralel to this concepts such as sustainable construction and architecture are begun to be used as a strategy in the sales of real estate projects by structure producers. Such structure options gain currency as a result of user’s awareness and need. As many real estate manufacturer sees the decrease of awareness in society and rise of green buildings' values in the market, are emerging with the projects shown as if they are sensitive to the environment, though they are not really. Since the general tendency in such projects is to provide maximum income with minimum cost in a short time, integrated and concrete ecological structure projects in which ecological parameters are entirely used can not be performed. Instead of this, one or two of the ecological criteria are being used but the project is entirely presented as an “sustainable construction” exhibited as an sustainable architecture design product. Although the sustainability concept is used as a commercial sale strategy in such projects, it can be considered that the issue contributes to the social awareness by being revived via written and visual media. In this study, if ve exclude the expressions that real estate market presents as an additional advantage to sales competition under its own advertisement rules, with the approaches putting important edges for mankind such as energy crisis in the whole world, high consumption of natural sources, getting harm of the ecosystem and whether buildings and complexes put forward to include nature and environment friendly or sustainability concepts really fulfill this function, deserve this quality, briefly, to what extend the constructions which are trying to be compatible with nature or at least define themselves in this way can perform the mentioned aim will be studied. In this context, by analysing the “Solarkent Housing Estate Area” adopting “sustainable construction” approach improved in the frame of housing marketing strategy paralel to the housing demand increased recently in İstanbul, an analytical evaluation model relatied to the issue will tired to be created.

Sustainability, Sustainable Construction, Environmental Assesment Method, Real Estate Marketing,


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