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Women have been supported for years to be part of the administration. However, despite many civil society projects and social policies developed on this issue, the dominant elements are still alive; The proportion of women in political decision and de facto management stages is insufficient. In addition, we can say that very stable and comprehensive policies to improve this situation are not in practice or even on the agenda. To strengthen discussions on the concept of transparency as required by the local government in Turkey mechanisms and processes can not be performed separately from women's participation. Likewise, actions to solve problems experienced during the local government should be designed to be gender sensitive. The Academy has identified obstacles and opportunities for empowering women in local governments in many major projects in civil society and the public sector. It is clear, however, that the increase in women's representation is not only possible through legislative changes, such as positive discrimination, quota implementation and low women's participation in the political sphere. However, a direct relationship cannot be established between improving social services for women and increasing the representation of women in local governments. It is possible to examine this relationship by considering both gender roles and governance processes together. Within this scope, women's studies in municipalities were examined based on TÜSEV reports.

Local Government, Women's Studies, Politics, Women in Politics


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