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Humans tend to respond to events which affected them personal or social aspects. The characteristic aspects of this kind of reactions could depend on different variants like sex and age of the person, dimension and shape of habitat, profession variables of affected person or group. As an addition to significant variables as described above, personal requests, expectations, and ideas of the influenced target could affect the dimension of reactions in social life. Currently, political behaviors founded on as a specific part of this kind of social behaviors. General behaviors acted by persons and public are embodied with atittudes and political behaviors. Analyses of political behaviors are essential for the understanding of possible reactions against to political events which could be actualized in the future and to make a comparison for behaviors and examination of behaviors which originate on different cultural structures. Examinations of political behaviors are essential too understanding to the degree of political socialization and determination of the boundaries of the political culture of the political system of habitat. Political behaviors are open to influence by not only personal characteristics and expectations but also changings of global socio-political structures. Modernization, ındustrilization, international competition, mass media, migration, and wars are the main problematics of political behavior researches in the academic fields. One of the main aims of this study is to constitute a literature study based on foundations and developmental components of political behavior and the factors affecting to change of political behavior.

Behavior, Political, Participation, Attitude


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