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A Research on Social Media Usage within the Context of Uses and Gratifications Theory

With the spread of the Internet all over the world, internet-related technologies and web applications are seen as an effective tools within the structure of societies and daily life practices of individuals. Users can follow the agenda, take care of their commercial transactions and access applications to keep them entertained in all areas where internet networks are accessible. Since individuals can do their daily work via the web, it is necessary to investigate the internet and social media. Social media, which has recently reached huge masses around the world, is an alternative source of satisfaction to meet the needs of individuals. As a matter of fact, this study basically tried to measure the satisfaction of the students of the Faculty of Theology of Istanbul University from social media tools. In this sense, the assumptions of the “Uses and Gratifications” approach which is developed under the leadership of Elihu Katz were accepted and some findings were obtained by survey data collection method. This study has showed comparable data about the motivations leading to the use of social media and the gratifications obtained from this use. 6 gratifiction and motivation (factors) obtained from individuals using social media were determined. These factors are listed as follow; social escape, information, spare time/entertainment, surveillance and expression, economical benefit, and social interaction. In addition, it was found that variables such as frequency of internet usage of individuals, experience of social media usage, the geographical region that where they grew up and their gender caused differences in the satisfaction level obtained from social media usage. It was also determined that social media tools used by individuals cause differentiation in terms of their satisfaction.

Social Media, Uses and Satisfaction Approach, Internet, Theology Faculty students,Web 2.0


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