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Violence In Keloğlan Tales

Tales reflect the collective consciousness of the society in which they were born. Fairy tales reflecting the feelings and thoughts of that society against various events, the symbolic transfers of experiences in history, the relations of human beings against human and nature, the functions of law, politics, economy, culture, art, health, religion and the like in daily life. they are important materials for gene map that can be drawn from past to future. Although Keloğlan's tales are completely a kind of fairy tales in terms of their fairy tales, they are important because they resemble realistic stories in terms of theme and event flow. Violence events in Keloğlan's tales can be used to solve social problems by considering the relationships in society and how they direct emotions and thoughts, how related problems and solutions develop, and the expressions of objects, concepts, symbols and objects in the language used by the narrator during the events. In this study, 60 cases of violence among 119 Keloğlan tale were found. In this study, word analysis was done by embedding method. Embedded theory is essentially defined as a method of discovering theories, concepts, hypotheses, and suggestions directly from data. Since the creation or creation of concepts is very important in this method, the interrelations between concepts and concepts are dealt with. In this method, the concept is seen as a social phenomenon embedded in the research data. Therefore, in the embedded theory, the main category, which is in a sense buried around all other categories, is investigated. Thus, theories / theories explaining the cause of behaviors are developed through the main category (cf. Onat Kocabıyık, 2015). Violence is one of the current problems of our country as it is seen in all countries of the world. Under the influence of globalization, political, commercial and cultural wars as well as natural causes such as. there is a rapid relationship between problems and societies. As a result of irregular migration, relations that arise especially due to economic reasons have negative consequences with the pressure of the needs such as health and economy, where law and education are inadequate, and in this case, it becomes an avalanche problem that the people who resort to violence with the primitive self impulse. In order to solve this problem, there is a duty for senior government administrators, politicians and lawyers as well as educators. For this reason, using such studies in education faculties, especially in Turkish teaching, can be used for personality development.

Education, fairy tale, violence


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