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The Effect of Organizational Support Perception on Work Engagement: The Case of Konya Industrial Organizations

In recent years, studies on the effects of organizational support perceptions of the employees who work in the organization on their work engagement has quickly become vitally important. The thought of employees about that organizational support in the organization is on the beam will positively affect their work engagement. This state will increase their willingness to fit with the organization and their degree of work engagement. Within this scope, the main purpose of study is to determine the effect of organizational support perception on work engagement of employees working in the machinery and parts manufacturing enterprises in Konya Organized Industrial Zone. The importance of this study is to understand the relationship between organizational support perception and work engagement. In this study, questionnaire technique has been used and questionnaires have been carried out to 136 White Collar employees. SPSS 18.0 and AMOS 11 programs have been used in the analysis of this part. Validity and reliability, factor analysis, correlation and regression analysis have been used in the study when performing the research analyses. As a result of the analysis, a positive relationship was found between organizational support and work engagement. Moreover, according to the sub-dimensions of the variables; it was found that job related support had a significant and positive effect on vigor and absorption. Additionally, It was found that emotional support had a significant and positive effect on vigor, absorption and dedication.

Organizational Support, Work Engagement, Industrial Organizations.


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