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The Societies that accept divine religions have not completely rejected the rituals of their old beliefs. They reshaped the rituals of their old beliefs under the new religion they accepted. The societies that accept divine religions sustain their rituals of their old beliefs in many areas, especially traditional sports. Islam is a divine religion accepted by the Turks after Shamanism. Wrestling is one of the oldest and deep rooted sports in human history. Wrestling has existed in all societies in the world. The style of wrestling varies from society to society. These differences are influenced by the belief system, geographical location and climatic characteristics of the society. Especially the rituals of the belief system of societies are seen in the wrestling squares. The aim of this study is to find out the effect of Shamanism and Islamic religion on traditional Turkish oil wrestling and its reflections on rituals. In this research, screening model was used. The screening model is a method that aims to describe a past or present situation as it exists. As a result of the readings, it was understood that these two belief systems had an effect on oil wrestling and that oil wrestling contained many rituals of these belief systems. Some of these rituals include; Drum, which has an important place in shamanism belief, is an indispensable element of oil wrestling areas. In Islamic beliefs, it is believed that the drum was first played by the prophet Ismail. In the past, wrestling lovers were invited to wrestling with red bottom candles hanging in coffeehouses. Red is the color of the Fire God in shamanism. It is sunnah right to start a business in Islamic faith. The wrestlers perform this sunnah while wearing a kispet. As a result of the readings, there are studies found the effect of Islamic religion on traditional Turkish oil wrestling, while there are no studies showing the effect of shamanism on traditional Turkish oil wrestling. For this reason, this study is thought to be an example of the studies that will be done from now on.

Shamanism, Islam, Oil Wrestling.


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