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Seed Production Using Direct Sowing Method And Application Of Nanoelectromagnetic Technology

In the article a beet (Beta vulgarіs) is BEET, one of valuable biennial industrial crops which belongs to the beet family, in the first year bottom leaves and root system rich in vitamins are formed in the plant. Together with it, new homogenous beet varieties have been released in Kazakhstan since 1991. By beet planting on the same area for many years, such depredators as roundworms and root louse proliferate. That’s why for beet protection from various diseases and depredators as well for increase in its productivity, seed production using direct sowing method and application of nanoelectromagnetic technology in the significance of crop rotation play a great role. Carbohydrates, vitamins, salts, nitrogen-free extracts are present in the fodder beet (Beta vulgarіs z. v. crassa). That’s why the beet is a caloric feed crop of high quality. By planting beet seeds using direct sowing, it is quickly peeled.

planting using electrophysical method


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