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Comparative Analysis of 5th Grade English Language Teaching Curriculum and 5th Grade English Language Intensive Curriculum

Technological developments increase the communication needs of individuals as well as their opportunities in this day and age. This makes it a requirement to learn and teach English, which is widely used as a foreign language in inter-individual and inter-country relations. Specific curriculums of teaching English are carried out in Turkey. In this study, it is aimed to analyze comparatively the elements of the 5th Grade English Language Teaching Curriculum and 5th Grade English Language Intensive Curriculum, put into practice as a pilot scheme in Turkey. Both curriculums are examined in terms of functions, content, language tasks and study skills and evaluation. By taking into consideration the determined criteria, the literature is searched and examined. Content analysis is performed on the data obtained from the curriculums and the elements of them are examined comparatively. Frequency tables are formed as a result of investigations. Functions of four basic language and communication skills in both curriculums are examined in terms of level, content and numerical aspects and some differences are observed. The appropriateness of the content to the student level, the level of meeting the student requirements, the scope, intensity, distribution according to the weeks and the differentiation in the actuality of units are revealed. In terms of language tasks and study skills, some differences are determined in the matter of the approach, the actuality of methods and techniques used. Considering evaluation techniques in the curriculums, the level of using the evaluation techniques for four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and integrated skills are examined in both curriculums. As a result of the research, the basic elements of both curriculums are discussed in the light of the literature and some suggestions are made for functionalization of the curriculums.

Functions, Content, Language Tasks and Study Skills, Evaluation


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