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Verb Conjugatıon- Subjunctıve Moods Used In The Central Gazıantep’s Dıalect

The Gaziantep dialect is a region dialect which has not been studied sufficiently, although it contains many valuable materials related to the sound and form characteristics of the Turkish language. In this study, based on the texts collected from Gaziantep central districts (Şahinbey- Şehitkâmil), it has been tried to process the conjugations of subjunctive moods for each person in the Gaziantep dialect under the main title of verb conjugation. Subjunctive moods are examined as partitioned into four categories, which are Necessity mood, Condition mood, Request mood, and Order mood. First, the usage forms of person suffixes in the Gaziantep dialect were given with the titles those of pronoun origin, those of possession origin and those of imperative origin. Then, the conjugations of subjunctive moods with these person suffixes were given in tables. Both person suffixes and subjunctive moods conjugated with these suffixes were exemplified separately by the words and phrases we have identified from texts compiled in the Gaziantep dialect. The study was limited to Gaziantep center (Şahibey- Şehitkâmil) dialect as it carries some basic differences in terms of expression and sound characteristics compared to other districts. While the characteristics of usage in the region dialect were listed under the headings, the main features of these usages are given in the form of item titles at the end of the study.

Gaziantep, dialect, verb conjugation, subjunctive moods


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