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Businesses want consumers to use the products they produce safely and give positive reactions to the products. To ensure this; They carry out all kinds of marketing activities in the most effective way from the idea stage to the market, from the holding in the market to the customer returns. Very rarely, businesses face product crises. If these crises are managed well or badly by the enterprises; consumers' perceptions, attitudes and behaviors towards businesses change. One of the product crises is product recalls. Products produced by enterprises may have defective properties that cause serious harm to consumers and cause injury or even death. Whether it is sold or produced, products are manufactured in compliance with safety standards, harm to users brings product recalls. Product recall practices can be mandatory by government bodies or voluntary implementation by enterprises. Negative effects of recalled products to consumers and serious costs to enterprises. In this context, how the product recalls in case of product crises affect the enterprises is examined by delphi method. The academicians who are experts in their fields and the managers of the marketing department of the enterprises were reached via e-mail and the results were evaluated. “How do voluntary recalls affect businesses?” that is question has been answered. The Delphi technique was used to reach the consensus of the experts in the field. 3 rounds applied. In the first round of Delphi, the experts were asked the question, “How do voluntary recalls affect businesses?” The answers to this question are 2 main themes, 8 sub-themes and 19 items with content analysis. In the second and third rounds of Delphi, the median is calculated in the first quarter, third quarter and interquartile width calculations. As a result of the research, a total of 10 items were agreed on under 2 main themes and 8 sub themes.

Product Recall, Delphi Technique, Product Crises.


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