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In this study; it is aimed to determine whether the relationship between organizational confidence perceptions and organizational deviation behaviors is related or not. The sub goal to be interrogated depending on the main purpose of the works are; To identify the levels of organizational confidence perceptions and subcomponents of participants, To determine organizational deviation behaviors and the levels of subcomponents of participants, It is to reveal whether organizational confidence perceptions are related to organizational deviation behaviors and subcomponents of two concepts. In the scope of study, a relational model design was fictionalized because it was aimed to determine whether the perception of organizational confidence and its sub dimensions were related to organizational deviation behaviors and dimensions. With this aim, the possible relation among confidence to the leader subcomponents of organizational confidence is variable work friends and organizational confidence, organizational behaviors and the variety of confidence of organizational and individual deviation is researched. The research group consists of 850 workers who work as an operation and call centre in a private banking sector. To get data, Neveu (2004) and Daboval et al (1994) scales are taken as a base on this research and the organizational confidence, translated to Turkish by Altuntaş and Baykal (2010) is used while analyzing the data, SPSS 21.0 program is used. According to the findings, it is appear that there is a statistically meaningful moderate relation between organizational confidence and organizational deviation behaviors. With this result, it is understood that the positive perceptions of organizational confidence are effective in lowering the behaviors of organizational deviation. By this research, analyzed the relation between organizational confidence perception and organizational deviation behaviors, it is thought that the organizational deviant behaviors will be an expected result to be felt less in the employees who have positive organizational confidence feelings. For this reason, we can say that the implementation which supports the organizational confidence can have positive contributions to the lowering the organizational deviation behaviors.

Organization, Organizational Confidence, Organizational Deviation


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