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Cyber Attack As A National Security Threat: South Asian Perspective

National security generally means the protection of the interests of a country. Military, economic, environmental and political issues were being considered as the main threat of a country’s national security. But recently ‘cyber attack’ is importantly being talking as an important factor of national security. From the military to government departments, politics to economic development strategies; all sector of a country use websites, internal software and networks. So, the growing reliance on cyber infrastructure opens the way to new national security threats against a country. Cyber criminals are using the cyber networks as his avenue of attack against a country; because it is extremely inexpensive and easy to conduct. In the case of South Asia, cyber attacks are continuously happening between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh because of killing in the border, terrorist attacks and even for the game. Recently, Bangladeshi hackers hacked more than 20.000 important websites of India as a revenge of border killing. On 26 November 2010, Indian hackers hacked 870 Pakistani websites; and Pakistani hackers hacked 270 Indian websites as revenge. In this paper we will discuss the nature of cyber attacks between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. And we will show how cyber attacks affect national security.

Cyber Space, Cyber Attack, Hacker, National Security, South Asia


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