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Preventiıons with New Generation Software Solutions to Load Problems in Electric Power Grid in Transition to Renewable Energy: “Measurement and Management of Refund Data”

Energy supply and supply agreements have an important place in macroeconomics relations in terms of leaving a country's energy dependence. In addition, the production, transmission, distribution and management of energy are also important indicators of energy in terms of economy and security. As a result of faulty planning Turkey's electricity transmission network in the recent past, it is known that there are serious and prolonged slump with overload problems. It can be said that similar situations and risks are still not fully evaluated. On the other hand, the use of renewable energy resources with dünya çapında warming increases rapidly in our country as in the world. Especially in sub-networks, it is clear that there is a duality in the energy flow. Measuring this is becoming increasingly important. In short, the transition to renewable energy in the smart grids of the future should be planned and increased. At this point, production will be extended to individual producers throughout the country. However, such a comprehensive project needs to be planned correctly without any disruption. In this context, the bidirectional energy flow in the network is also measured, deducted and reimbursed. This possibility also raises issues such as the replacement of existing equipment in the network. Therefore, it will be possible to make the network ready for these new participations by the legal-administrative arrangements. In summary; the transition to smart networks will take much more time than envisaged and the problems will gradually increase. In addition, it is still not fully planned in the transition to systematic veri management. A proposed approach for this purpose is the measurement and management of reimbursement veri. It is clear that similar and related new generation yazılım solutions will be needed. In this study, the application problems and solutions related to the application problems that brought this requirement gradually to the foreground and also the costs incurred were given priority. It has been shown that it is possible to predict the risk factors of the process and prevent the problems with the right planning. In addition, the new regulations in the legal-managerial framework for planning the transition to renewable energy are briefly discussed. Turkey's future status, but would be able to get rid of the existing energy-dependent with developments in this type of solution is considered.

Smart Metering, Smart Grid, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Transition, Energy Policies and Planning, City and Regional Planning.


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