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Nowadays people increasingly tend to prefer green life. Public and private institutions are making changes in their marketing strategies and making practices that highlight green marketing. An important function of the green marketing mix is green logistics practices. Green applications are being made in logistics activities with increasing speed throughout the world. Green logistics activities are supported on a global basis. In this sense, one of the biggest project supporters is the European Union. The European Union has given great importance to green projects within the framework of the 7th Framework program between 2007-2013 and Horizon2020 program between 2014-2020. 7. The framework program is also referred to as super green. In this context, green logistics projects which are supported by the European Union as a priority have been examined. Projects are listed according to their subjects, the framework program to which it is applied and the keywords. The keywords were chosen considering the green logistics practice in which the project is concentrated. As a result, it has been observed that green logistics projects are concentrated under the main headings of green transportation, low carbon emission rates, waste management, and smart information systems. The supported project subjects are considered to be urgent green logistics issues. In this sense, all countries benefiting or not benefiting from the projects should give importance to these issues. We are facing a global problem and the solution can be solved by the cooperation and joint action of all countries. In this study, the important issues in the field of green logistics and the scope of the supported projects were investigated in terms of guiding the countries on a global basis.

Green marketing, Green logistics, EU 7.Frame Programme, Horizon2020, Eu Projects


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