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The Study Of The Chemical Composition Of Snow Water

In the article according to results of Kazgidromet’s monitoring in 2011, Almaty took first place among the cities of Kazakhstan by showing a high level of air pollution. At present day Almaty was included in the list of 25 polluted cities in the world. The main reason for our city to be called the most polluted city in Kazakhstan is the main source of air pollution – harmful substances that escapes from motor vehicles. City traffic police reports, that there are more than 540 thousand vehicles registered. Their number increases for 40 thousand each passing year. Also there are 250 thousand vehicles that come in and out each day. There is no place that was not polluted by these harmful substances. Their harm may vary depending on their nature, its concentration, and its influence on human organism. For example, they accelerate the corrosion of different metals, harm the skin and respiratory tract of people and animals, plants are also suffering from them, and its nature is very poisonous. In addition, they are one of the reasons of smoke accumulation. Their short-term impact on the people: making people dizzy, to make them throw-up, making their throat itchy, to make them cough, to be the cause of many lung and other diseases. Such poisonous substances exist in the dark clouds that accumulate in the windless days above the city. Or in the smokes that large chimneys produces by the industrial enterprises to the atmosphere. Poisonous substances in this smokes affects badly to human body.

(CO2) oxides and monoxide (CO),


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