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Factors Influencing The Educational Process Of Students In Higher Education Institutions

The article presents the results of the study (respondents) factors influencing educational motivation of students of the Kazakh National medical University in Almaty. It is shown that in the structure of motivation, you can allocate promoting the professional development of future doctors components, the composition and the severity of which depends on many factors. Identified different factors that have a significant impact on the structure of educational motivation of medical students.The formation of learning motivation is one of the main objectives of modern education. The process of formation of the structure of academic motivation begins with the first days of study at the University, and the effectiveness of training depends on the structure and strength of motivation. A study of factors influencing the academic motivation of students is of great importance to improve the efficiency of higher education. The impetus for activities and learning can equally be the desire to succeed and fear of failure.The problem of improving the academic performance of students of higher educational institutions today is very relevant. A good academic record – evidence of proper assimilation of the content of educational programs in a particular specialty and the key to producing a high-class specialist, demanded by society.It is established that the teaching of students occurs well only when the training is connected with the practice of life, when the student understands the vital importance of what he is studying.We carried out voluntary survey of 150 students of 4th course of faculty of General medicine of KazNMU them. Asfendiyarov, Almaty.

structure of learning motivation, achievement motivation


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