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Increasing production with the industrial revolution has put the businesses in search of new markets. With the search for a new market, a fierce competition race has begun among businesses whose main purpose is to produce and sell a lot and to achieve maximum profit. In this competition, some institutions have been eliminated and some institutions have grown rapidly. At this point, we come across the concepts of “strategic management” that developed and spread rapidly after 1980 and “digital age and digitalization” since 2000s. In today's world, where there is no boundaries and the whole world has become a market, institutions are implementing strategic management policies in order to survive and grow, they predict the future and try to make the right decisions. Strategic management is a concept that guides the businesses and organizations that strive to innovate and excel against their competitors. The most important output of the digital age covers an era of information society, rapid access to information, rapid sharing, production, dissemination and storage of information, and information and communication technologies. As this situation affects every field, it has also created important changes in the field of strategic management in business life. Due to this role of digitalization, it attracts the attention of many researchers. In this study, the concept of strategic management is examined with a detailed literature study; The relationship between strategic management and digitalization is considered from a theoretical perspective.

Strategic Management, Digitalization, Digital Transformation, Management


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