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Geographical Approaches To The Research Of Problems Of Agriculture

The article examines methodological approaches to the study of agriculture in agrarian geography - one of the directions of socio-economic geography. This important direction of geography studies the patterns, features and forms of territorial organization of agriculture, taking into account natural, production and economic factors that determine the specifics of location and the main direction of this industry. The study of territorial problems of the development of the industry from the point of view of geographers requires the application of a systematic approach to the study of the relationships between agriculture and the natural environment. With this approach, agriculture or a separate agricultural enterprise is viewed as a territorial natural-economic system consisting of two subsystems: natural and socio-economic. This approach allows to solve socio-economic and environmental problems of rural areas in order to make full use of natural potential and socio-economic prerequisites for the development of agricultural systems. The studies of geographers are based on the works of many specialists (agrarians, land surveyors, soil scientists, climatologists, ecologists, etc.) and are based on the application of economic, mathematical-statistical, cartographic and other methods. Along with traditional methods for data processing, geoinformation technologies are now widely used. The information base for geographers is statistical and cartographic data, carried out on a large-scale, medium-scale and small-scale level.

geography of agriculture, rural areal, territorial organization of agriculture,


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