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Marriage relationship and marriage life is essential phenomena in life. Marriage, which has an important effect on individuals’ psychological wellbeing, is the stage of stepping into a new life. The satisfaction achieved from marital relationships plays an important role in shaping the satisfaction one will receive from life. In this research the main subject was the investigation of marriage satisfaction in women in terms of sexual quality of life and cognitive distortions. Relationship between marriage satisfaction and demographic data were evaluated additionally. Marital Life Scale, Sexual Life Quality Scale and Cognitive Distortions Scale were used as data colletion tools. These scales were applied to 322 married women living in Ankara. SPSS 22 program was used to analyze the data obtained from the scales. After the determination of sociodemographic data, the relationship between sexual life quality, marital satisfaction, and cognitive distortions were tested by Pearson correlation analysis. The results showed that all the variables were correlated with each other. The mean scores of marital satisfaction were compared between groups with low sexual quality and high sexual quality via independent sample t test. It was found that women with higher sexual satisfaction had higher satisfaction with marriage than women with low sexual satisfaction. According to the results of independent sample t-test, women who use cognitive distortions more often have decreased marital satisfaction than those who use cognitive distortions less. In addition, marital satisfaction was evaluated according to sociodemographic variables by the analysis of independent sample t test and Kruskal-Wallis test. Women who were married by flirting, those who work and those who have no children were found to have more satisfaction from marriage than women who were blindly married, those who do not work and those who have children. When the education level is analyzed, it is seen that women who have bachelor and master degree have higher marital satisfaction than those who graduated from high school and below.

Marital satisfaction, marital relationship, sexual life quality, cognitive distortions


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