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Art therapy, which has become widespread since the beginning of 2000s and is developing with associations and symposiums today, is very important. Art therapy is one of the most widely used methods in art therapy. All activities in visual arts therapy can be the subject of painting therapy. The combination of painting therapy and meditation can create another subtitle, which we can call meditative painting. This title can be included in the curriculum of art education. Stress has proven to be the biggest disease of the future. Considering the heavy working conditions, changing human profile, changing geography and its effects on culture, the lonely person is looking for alternative healing activities. In the context of painting therapy, both as a sub-branch of psychotherapy and as an alternative art education method, meditative painting is manifested by the combination of meditation wisdom and creativity with painting technique. In this article, meditative painting is named for the first time as a proposal for education and painting therapy. For the first time, the concept of meditative painting was introduced.

Art Therapy, Drawing and Painting Therapy, Meditation, Meditative Painting, Psychotherapy


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