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It is known that performance and efficiency have become the main target in institutions that strive to survive in a competitive environment. The “human” factor, which is the most valuable and unique among the resources, has an important role in ensuring this. Individual expectations have an important effect on increasing employee performance. Nowadays, the question of what the expectations are, is becoming a common issue. In order to increase employee’s satisfaction and achieve organizational goals, it is becoming pivotal to improve the relationship between the organization and the employees. As a result of employees feelings as part of the organization, productivity is expected to be increased when it is ensured that theycan take care of their jobs and institutions. Accordingly, it is seen that (POS) perceived organizational support, which is considered as meeting the expectations of the employees, has an important place in the organizational behavior literature. It is also known that perceived organizational support, which is defined as the perceptions that employees develop depending on the value of their contribution to the organization and the degree of emphasis on the happiness of the employees, has significant effects on positive corporate outputs. The health sector is defined as a complex set of organizations dealing directly with human health. Healthcare workers work under difficult conditions, long hours and mostly under stress. It is claimed that the organizational support perceived by nurses, who constitute the majority in service delivery and who operate effectively and efficiently, do provide quality and safe health care.

organizational support, perceived organizational support, nursing


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