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Word Formation: Theory Of Motivation And Nominations

Along with the study of language, it is necessary to study a language picture of the world in a diachronic look. This results from the fact that the history of language is closely connected with essence, outlook, consciousness, a thought, and practical experience of the person. The history person formation is a development of the world in the practical way, his knowledge and the doctrine. Knowledge and study gives an ability to think abstractly. Abstract thinking is considered a generalized way different objects and phenomena that are rich in various features and properties. It concluded form the conceptual perception of the world. Thus, the real picture of the world engages with the tongue. The real picture of being dubbed a language picture of the world, formed in accordance with certain natural laws. The real picture and subjective thinking based on existing patterns of development. Turning the world of images in the words of a person combines two things: first - a reality that is common to all mankind, and the second - the reality inherent in a particular nation national essence. They have an impact on the emergence of the word. Picture of the world, did not come into contact with a man - this is the real picture of the world, and after the entry into interaction with a man, his consciousness, worldview, it becomes secondary. Thus formed the linguistic picture of the world. Consequently, the picture of the world, language picture of the world, the national language picture of the world - all these concepts are characterized in this way. Linguistic picture of the world - it is a fundamental principle of the birth of language, however, it is phenomenal. Linguistic picture of the world - a language law when the motivation of any denomination. The article reveals the role of motivational theories in the Kazakh language in the creation of the name. The characteristic of motivation as a result of theoretical and practical studies.

Word, communication, motivation, word formation


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