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Neo-Conservatism And Conformist Intellectualls

My aim in this study is to design a thought process on the intellectual role of Neo-Conservatism. Since modernity, human thought has always created dissatisfied environments. This idea was the response to the legendary era and superficial elitism against the elite posture that was accepted as it existed in the past. Therefore, the argument that there is no reason for intellectuals to lose hope has been kept alive at the academy and aimed to protect the movement towards the marginalization of the Enlightenment and rituals. This movement is based on the idea that the United States is the guardian and led by several groups, such as the New Conservatism and the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation. Being in the absoluteness of the Enlightenment refers to the complacent group. Similarly, it is a reference to New Conservatism to argue that cultural life has destroyed the tradition of universality. Thus, the fragmented thought of the Second World War, which provides harmony in left and right ideology by longing for the mentality of the Age of Mind, formulates itself in the form of a reaction to the class of classical intellectuals and with the slogan that everyone is good. At the level of consciousness, the aim of the right ideology to gain expansionism and power creates harmony in the left ideology. Rejecting the mourning of the Golden Age, this understanding carried the defense of the status quo to an almost unprecedented level in the mental history of modernity. Whereas the nineteenth-century intellectuals class criticized the political subject/governments for the mental discomfort thought to invade society with the idealism of transforming the universe as a critique of cultural life. Moreover, dissent was a virtue. Today's conformist views have led to the development of a conformist intellectual in politics or the political network of relations that have developed since the beginning of the twentieth century. The most creative form of the eighteenth century is dissent, and the transformation from the French revolution to the Cold War and McCarthyism of the twentieth century was a major break. Therefore, it is necessary to think of conformist intellectuals as a non-American suspicious object or an invisible ideology. This article discusses the amorphous character that emerges with the way conformists think longitudinally with neoconservatism.

Neo-Conservatism, Conformism, Conformist Intellectuals


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