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The family, which has the most important responsibility in raising the individual, is a determining factor in shaping the future of the individual as character and personality. In line with the effect of this factor, in this research aiming to determine the effect of the family in raising an effective individual in line with the perceptions of teacher candidates, the relational screening model included in the general screening model was used. In the research, it was carried out with 400 prospective teachers studying in the Social Sciences and Classroom Teaching departments of the Faculty of Education, Inonu University. In the research, “family scale in effective individual training” consisting of 40 items was used as data collection tool. The analysis of the data in the research was carried out using the SPSS 21.0 package program. In the results of the analysis conducted in the study, it was determined that there was no significant difference according to gender, region and monthly average income variables. On the other hand, a significant difference was found according to the department and class variables. As a result of the correlation analysis, a positive relationship was found between the awareness (r = 0,981) created by the family in raising effective individuals and the contribution of the family to personal development in effective education (r = 0.980). When the results of the analysis are examined, it can be said from the data obtained that the result of the family is effective in raising effective individuals.

: Individual, family, perception, teacher candidate


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