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Many data is produced even during the routine work and processes of people in conjunction with the start of digital technology to penetrate every area of life and, through the processing of the data, many valuable information that can be used in the critical decisions of the public and private sectors is revealed. Today, increasing competition makes it more important for managers to make rational decisions. In order to meet the increasing speed, quality and appropriateness expectations of the citizens receiving public services in the best manner, public services and policies should be designed more rationally. In the world examples, evidence-based practices, that have come to the forefront with the health sector, have begun to increase in time by expanding to other fields such as education and social services In Turkey, especially in the last decade it has found place for discussion. This study, which is about the use and importance of big data in public policy decision-making processes, also aims to reveal how these policies and big data can be used in effective public policy design by representing increasing application examples of evidence-based policies. When examining the application examples, it is seen that preferences for the use of the evidence is increasing in the decision making processes of public policies that revealed especially by supporting scientific data. Evidence-based policy to say a short period of time could become widespread if not literally true in Turkey, said that in many areas of evidence-based policy is an appropriate tool to give birth to successful results. Although it is not true to say that evidence-based policy could soon become widespread in Turkey properly, it can be said that in many areas, evidence-based policies are suitable tools to result in successful outcomes. Increasing the studies about protection of data privacy and conducting projects to establish the culture of data usage can be considered as studies that could be performed in the short term.

Public Policies, Big Data, Evidence Based Policy


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