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The Quran, The Word of God, has been the main cause that forms the lives of the believers since it has been revealed. As soon as İslamic conquests reached to the societies beyond the Arabic ones, The Holy Message was needed to be understood in different languages. As a result of this need, the Quran verses were translated into the other languages. Kurds who had been involved into the Islamic conquests since early stages had become muslims and a very important part of Islamic ummah. Like other peoples did, Kurds made pure translations of the Quran verses and wrote interpretations of the Quran in order to comprehend it. These studies had been started at the beginning of the twentieth century in Northern Iraq and had continued through other geographies inhabited by Kurds. In Turkey, the studies of Kurdish translations and interpretations of Quran is very new according to the ones in Northern Iraq and Iran. The first study of Kurdish translation of Quran had been revealed in 1994. In our counrty fourteen Kurdish Quran translations has been done until now. Unfortunately two of them couldn’t be printed, but the other studies left have been revealed. Studies hold in Turkey have been prepared by the Kurmançi dialect of Kurdish. In our country, upon these translation studies, one master degree thesis and a few of essays have been revealed by this time. Even though mostly printed in Latin alphabet, some of them written in arabic alphabet. But there are researches which use the both alphabets

Quran, Kurdish interpretation of the Quran, Kurds, Kurmanji


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