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Literature puts forth external world, the factors about humanity and human by means of fiction. Generally art, privately literature hadles the outer world as a material of realization itself period. Expressed things in literary works has been seated on a brand-new reality plane even they have been lived in reality passed from editing mile in last assay. That is, art worker does not reflect external world the same, beats perception that he gets from subjective world in consciousness muller, kneads them with connotation of subconscious and transfers rearranging them. This situation does not mean the breaking of the artist from real world, it is not in question that the fictioner, taking his subject from subjective reality, gets out the reality completely. Art is the event of telling reality filtering from comment period in a way. Artist reflects the subjective reality in the frame of literature norms while creating his works moving from his reality. That is, artist carries subjective reality to a new reality plane. So the term called literary reality comes up. We can easily say that literary reality is an aesthetic reality considering the inseparaply integrity of literatüre with art. We see that the exit points they withstand are subjective world even reality extent of each type is different when we examine the literature reality in poetry, prose and theatre. In a way literature is recreating the reality after changing, converting, commenting it. Each literary trend has different views about reality. While some try to clutch the reality by their observation; some look for it beyond subjective world. In our study in which document analyzing method was used, it is aimed that the reality concept is perceived on a concrete ground and the reflection of reality in lterature field is determined.

Reality, literature, literary trend, literary work, art


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