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From the Neolithic period to the beginning of the 20th century, the first examples of ceramics produced for the basic needs were mostly in the forefront with their practical functions. However, the production systems that changed with the Industrial Revolution and the fact that the ceramics produced were free of aesthetic concerns led to the emergence of many movements one after the other, especially the Arts and Crafts (England) movement. In the Bauhaus movement, which is one of these, the questioning of practical, aesthetic and symbolic function has also supported the production of functional forms designed with aesthetic concerns. Ceramics; In the hands of an artist of different disciplines such as Duchamp, without any functional concern, it was freely designed by the rules of creative power, interpreted as a ready-made art object, and later led many ceramic artists. . In this period in which thought was the successor of the primary function, ceramics with a personal, social, and political discourse were produced rather than practical and symbolic function, and some contemporary ceramic artists such as Paul Scott became the pioneers of this approach.

Key Words: Practical Function, Symbolic Function, Aesthetic Function


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