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Investigation Of The Influence Of Lexical And Grammatical Signs On The Polymodal Perception Of Verbal Stimuli

The article is devoted to the study of psychological features of the functioning of a verbal sign placed in the conditions of a poly-modal conflict, as well as the peculiarities of its perception by the respondent. The problem of individual and typological properties of personality predetermines the need for attracting various polymodal indicators as empirical indicators along with traditional psychological indicators. The work is based on the material of two languages: Russian and Kazakh. Respondents were students from various faculties of the Kazakh national Academy of arts named after T. K. Zhurgenov in age from 19 to 26 years old with normal or corrected vision and hearing. In the experiment on the Russian language was attended by 29 respondents (15 women and 14 men), on the material of the Kazakh language, 41 (21 women and 20 men). The main advantages of experimental research methods material is the high degree of objectivity of the obtained results due to the scale of analyzed samples and a significant number of respondents involved in the pilot study, and the possibility of application of methods of mathematical statistics for the analysis of the obtained samples of random variables. The results of this experiment allowed us to draw the following conclusions. The visual channel of perception is dominant in the perception of multimodal texts. The nature of the stimuli also affects the success of the assimilation of information. The word mark is a complex formal-semantic unit, which is the plan of expression and plan of content. The form has two ways of implementation: visual (as a sequence of graphemes) and auditory (as a sequence of sounds). On bimodal (audio-visual) perception of speech can be affected by various units of the formal and semantic organization of words and linguistic categories. Formal-semantic word settings can have a greater or lesser degree of correlation with the semantics of a word. Therefore, as the analyzed parameters, we chose those that reflect a different degree and type of interaction between the plan of expression and plan of content. Thus, the influence of different types of word marks and various forms of correlation of semantics and forms on bimodal perception of verbal stimuli. The purpose of the experiment is reached, the problem is solved

modality, verbal sign, experiment, audience, perception


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