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Post Imperial Experience Of National Building On the post-Soviet Territory (An Example Of Kazakhstan)

This article gives the detailed analysis about the experience of national rebuilding of Kazakhstan after dissolution of the Soviet empire in the Post-Soviet territorial conditions. And it became actual issue in terms of experience of the Republic of Kazakhstan. About the former Soviet republics under the imperial experience of national development, the following phenomena are considered in the article. Firstly, the national policy of the Soviet Union is the continuity of many elements of an ethnic course of Russian empire. Secondly, it was the circumstance which dissolved the Soviet Union and because of opposition of its non-Russian ethnic groups to imperial character of the Soviet national policy, consciousness of Russian ethnic groups, its leadership in social structure of the Soviet there reveled new research aspects. Accordingly, the attempt of designing of the nations is realized by post-imperial experience of national building in article on the post-Soviet territory in conditions of "a post imperial syndrome» of Russian Diaspora. All these phenomena were most distinctly shown in experience of national building of Kazakhstan after its independence. The purpose of the article is to analyze the post imperial syndrome in the republic of Kazakhstan and Russian influence is one of the primary factors of interfering national consolidation of the Kazakh society for the development in its interethnic harmony.

National value, interethnic relations, ethnic groups


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