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We firstly decide whether the study is going to be conducted according to quantitative or qualitative data when starting a scientific research. The reliability is lower and subjectivity is higher in qualitative data compared to the quantitative data. On the other hand, it is possible to acquire more unbiased and objective data with the studies based on qualitative data. Sampling from a certain population is required because an exact measurement is not possible when acquiring these data. At this point, the issue of whether the sampling represents the population adequately in scientific studies comes to the fore. Although there are some methods recommended in the literature regarding sampling, power analysis is one of the most commonly used sample size analysis methods today. However, there are some points contradicting with some basic statistical acceptances in sample size selection with power analysis. This study has addressed the evaluation of these points and the studies on power analysis. In this regard, the studies conducted in the field of statistical and scientific study method have been assessed together in this study, and the reliability levels between sample size acquired with power analysis and sample size acquired with classical methods have been compared. According to the study's results, classical sampling methods are more efficient than the power analysis. One of the most significant deficiencies of power analysis is that it uses a reference study as base when determining the sample size. Therefore, it is useful to evaluate both methods when determining the sampling.

Scientific study; sampling; Power analysis.


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