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The purpose of this study is to identify Baki's usages (considered as the pioneer of poets) regarding the mirror with reference to his Divan. In his poems, many metaphors are expressed through skilfully hidden and sophisticated meanings and a sharp mind. The identification of these metaphors will contribute both to understanding his interpretation world and grasping the 16th-century mentality and style in the literature. This is also undoubtedly very crucial in explaining classical poetry. One of the greatest features of Baki is that he plays with words like a magician. He can mean more than one meaning with a word. He can also lead you to live in a dream world through a word. It gives different feelings to everyone who reads poems and gives each reader the impression of reading a different work. The reason for this is that it expresses the multi-layered dream world with metaphors. Among these metaphors, the mirror metaphor associated with the darling comes to the fore. With this study, it was determined how Baki used the mirror metaphor and made inferences about his imagination and thought systematics. In the identification of metaphors, the copy of Sabahattin Küçük prepared and printed (1994) by the Turkish Language Association was taken as a basis.

Baki, mirror, metaphor, symbol, Divan Literature


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