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Similarities And Differences Of National Liberation Movements In Central Asia And Turkey

There are great historical continuity and political sequences among the national liberation movements in Central Asia and Turkey. Central Asian countries and Turkey have a common understanding of the dissatisfaction of national intelligentsia with the public administration system. The main requirements of this protest were also similar to the specific actions they chose, the objectives and directions of society modernization. For instance, the Turkistani Jadids and Young Turks steppes have sought to introduce a new educational system of general nature, propagation of new technologies in production, based on innovative principles of education and its implementation. Both movements have united the idea of a developed state, despite the peculiarities of its development. These movements can be called a movement of respect for their homeland, a commitment to human rights, the development of culture, the solution of the agrarian problem, entering the world arena, and economic cooperation with Europe and Asia. The social structure of Turkish Young Turks and Central Asian (Turkistan) national liberation movements was also similar. Both social movements were of a general nature. This situation also led to their political divergence and the worry of the common struggle. This similarity in the Jadids and Young Turks movements had the following reasons: First, in end of 19th century and in the 20th century a large part of the idea of Turkic and Muslim nationalism as a transnational movement against the economic, political and cultural invasion of the Western powers, the direction of colonialism. One of the main signs of two movements’ similarity is the fact that the genuine movement influences Turkestan national liberation movements.

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