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The cave depictions about beekeeping dating back to 15 thousand BC show that beekeeping dates back to very old times. Although it is thought that beekeeping is done only for honey production at firstly, besides honey production, pollen, royal jelly and propolis production has an important place within the scope of beekeeping activities. There are beekeeping business that carry out beekeeping activities only for the production of pollen, purification and propolis. Because these products are in a more valuable position than honey according to their material value, nutritional value and food supplement qualities. Of these products, propolis is more prominent due to its treatment-helping qualities. In this study, the use of propolis from past to present is mentioned. According to the study result, propolis has been used in treatment since Ancient Egypt. Today, its importance has increased with the detection of the active substances it contains.

Beekeeping history, propolis, propolis in treatment, alternative medicine


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