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Multicultural Education Of Children Of Preschool Age

The article examines the historical source of multicultural education and discusses the importance of multicultural upbringing of the children of preschool age. The research investigates the purpose of multicultural education and contains observations of psychologists and pedagogues about multicultural personality of preschoolers. The article discusses the history of the problem of multicultural education. Multicultural education is relevant today due to globalization. The article reveals concepts such as multiculturalism, multicultural education, multicultural upbringing and multicultural personality of a preschooler. The article analyzes the psychological and pedagogical foundations of multiculturalism. The article deals with the goals and objectives of multicultural education of children of preschool age. The article makes reference to the question researchers are risen multicultural education. Learning a foreign language considered to be a tool of multicultural education.

multicultural education, multicultural personality


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