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Football is undoubtedly the most universal, most sensational and most popular sports branch. These features have opened up a massive break through in the social and financial direction of football, which has revealed it sown inner dynamism. Financial development, which is a result of the sociological effects of football, is now considered to be the most important and largest of the football industry. Its popularity and global peak economy have forced football teams to transfer and renew themself day by day. In this study, the CIES Football Observatory Monthly Report and the 2018 FIFA Global Transfer Market Report based on Turkey and transfer approaches in the world, located in the transfer of ethnic identity, the team views transfer and economy were examined. In this direction, 2.120 clubs forming the sample group have found that on average 5.7 of the players are in foreign player status as ethnic identity. The most representative of these foreign players are the Brazilian players. Turkey is the country where most of the 65.6% increase in foreign players. Expenditures made by the transfers have increased over the years, and by 2017, 6.37 billion dollars have beens pent transponder all over the world. The highest transfer expenditure was $ 5,861.4 billion, followed by UEFA-affiliated countries, with Britain at $ 1,643.6 billion in the first place among these countries. The country with the most profit from the transfer is Spain with $ 860.8 million. As a result of the seexaminations, the developmental stage of the football finance economy will continue to grow rapidly, and the large proportional increases in the expenditure dimensions have led to the conclusion that the infrastructure training and the loss of the player production vision could lead to the loss of the economic turbulence in the football clubs.

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