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Investigation Of Discrepancy Between Generations According To The Technology Acceptance Model: A Research Aimed At Smart Phone Applications Users

Technology Acceptance Model was developed by Fred. D. Davis in 1986. The appearance of this model can explain the acceptance and refusing of using of information systems in business life. However, the primary objective of the model is to explain adaptation factors of the users of technological innovations. A number of external factors affect the adaptation process of consumers to technology. The most important of them is to reflection of personal features belonging to generation in which person is included to his/her behaviours. In our study, to what extent the acceptance and using of applications in smart phones will be different according to generations is being examined. According to this, how technology acceptance model dimensions perceived benefit, ease of use and risk variations are being commented in different generations will be revealed. Our study comprises X,Y and Z generations living in Kahramanmaraş.

Technology Acceptance Model, X-Y-Z Generation


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