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Following the spread of Covid-19, new Corona virus outbreak, worldwide and the World Health Organisation’s declaration of pandemic, many countries have started to implement their own measures to combat with the epidemic. On March 10, 2020, after the first case of coronavirus in Turkey, Turkey began to implement their own national measures without delay. In this process, many institutions and organizations, especially healthcare workers, both the security units and the service sector, showed their best efforts. Although many institutions have been affected by the process, the family institution is among the most affected ones. People were asked to perform their own isolations at home with the slogan “Life fits home”. Thus, the new process brought about change within the family. The family division of labour, which takes place in line with gender acceptance within the family, has begun to differentiate itself with the responsibilities of family members and the pandemic. In order to investigate whether this differentiation caused a change in the lives of housewives, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 21 women living in Kırıkkale province and reached by telephone using the snowball sampling method. The effort of housewives to protect their families from the epidemic is the subject of this study. The efforts and difficulties experienced by the housewives trying to fulfill their home responsibilities at any time of the day, without any fee, were tried to be investigated. Thus, it was tried to draw attention to the roles of women in overcoming this period by revealing the measures taken by women in the home in order to protect their families from the new Corona virus in the light of the interview data.

New Corona Virus, Physical Distance, Housewives, Epidemic, Pandemic, Gender


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