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The aim of the poster is to transfer the product, idea or service to the target audience and try to draw the attention of people to a particular product. Poster design presents the facts that are constructed in the mind of the individual in a concrete way with visuals. Since its first appearance, the poster has undergone many different processes. Artworks that emerged in this process have continued for many years among modernist designers who advocate the importance of functionality and postmodernist designers trying to break down monotony. The developments made towards the end of the 20th century, when the design rules were reshaped, also had an impact on today's poster design. In this study, postmodern changes and design styles in postmodern poster design are emphasized. Experiential studies in movements such as Futurism and Dadaism advocated their effects much better in poster designs in later periods. In the research, the relationship between art movements and institutions that postmodern movement is effective have been examined historically. Additionally, the designers and their works that have kept their influence in this process are also mentioned.

Keywords: Poster, Graphic Design, Communication, Postmodernism.


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