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"Wood printing" means Mokuhanga, a Japanese printing technique that uses water-based ink, carving and friction tools, Japanese paper and fine grain wood. Mokuhanga, a method of water-based printing, aims to plan a graphic image, transfer the outlines to one or more wooden blocks, carving and printing. Traditional printing techniques include presses, oil-based inks and toxic solvents. In Mokuhanga, only a few simple tools, a small work area and purely water-based mürkks are used. Mokuhanga differs from traditional wood printing in three ways. Use of water-based inks, application by brush, use of hand helmet for printing. In Mokuhanga Matbaacılık, by using a maximum of seven different patterns on top of each other with kento marks carved directly on the block, coloring is made in desired places. The purpose of this article is to write the Mokuhanga Printing Technique, which started to be applied in the 17th century, to shed light on the artists working in the color wood printing technique by combining their innovative features with their unique beauties and technical values.

Mokuhanga, Printing, Wood Printing


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