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From past to present it is a known reality that man and woman have different personality attributes. When the difference between this two gender is considered the problems experienced in mutual relations lose their character of to be defined as problem. Today, apart from the physiological, biological boundaries arising out of gender there are differences in terms of thoughts, emotions, behaviors, personality traits and social areas. Nowadays, the main factor in men and women having different social roles is explained by environment and culture. In fact, these differences arise from the meanings and expectations that society places on the sexes. While the woman is an individual who does household chores at home, takes care of the children and takes the responsibilities after the man's mother, unlike woman, the male is the individual who works outside the house, brings home the bread, pays the bills and has adopted these roles determined by the society by not helping his wife. In the works of Mevlüt Akyıldız, which is the subject of our article, it is seen that he interprets stereotyped gender roles with a critical eye by interpreting the relations between men and women in a different way from the perspective of society.

Men and women, Art, Communication, Mevlüt Akyıldız.


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