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3D E-Book Development

The main goal set by the degree project is for students to explain with the help of an animated film based on a systematic approach to the themes of geometry and develop knowledge through assignments and tests. The degree project comprises: explanatory video tutorials, quizzes to test students' knowledge, along with the introduction of its data at the entrance to the site are able to view all the results and rankings. After explaining the theme of the lesson time, students can individually himself to train and develop their knowledge. There are several exercises for development of this theme at the end of explanations. The diploma project is designed to test the level of students in special education. There are two categories with a choice of easy and hard questions at the beginning of the test. They can reduce and increase the number of questions in the depending on the level of the student. The structure of the degree project consists of an animated video lessons, pages of e-books, special assignments after each explanation, random tests to check the level of education.

IT, Adobe Flash, ActionScript, e-book,


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