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“Image of Woman in Art” 19th and 20th century in modern art, it has become an artistic style with the change it has undergone from the meaning of being loaded with being the object of nudity and display of women. In the light of this information, 'Image of Woman', which has an important place in the 20th century modern art, has entered the process of change and development in line with the scientific, technological, political, social, economic and cultural developments of the period. Indeed, the modern art process can be said to be the starting point of this change. The woman pictured in the field, at home, at work is no longer an ordinary woman, but a subject of art. With this view on the image of women, the path taken in the process of maturation in history enabled the woman to move to a higher place. The image of women is thought to be quite effective in terms of the formation and change of modern art movements. In this context, in this research aiming to determine the process of change of the image of women in modern art, evaluations, examinations and interpretations were made on the leading art movements and sample paintings within the scope of modern art. In the light of the findings obtained from the research, it has been concluded that the image of women has changed with the developments in the modern art process.

Modern Art, Woman Image, Movements


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