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Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are three separate states located in the Baltic geography for a long time. Each of these states has different ethnic, political and cultural structures. However, throughout history, geography has offered similar threats and opportunities to these states. Lithuania has been located closer to Central Europe than the other two Baltic countries. This has led Lithuania to pursue a more distant policy towards the Baltic countries. The merger with Poland under single state for a certain period of time caused the Lithuanian people to feel closer to the Central European family. However, Lithuania could not protect itself from experiencing painful experiences similar to those in the other two Baltic countries. Nowadays, Lithuania, which wants to erase the painful experiences of the past, wants to maintain its relationship with Western societies in order to maintain the stability of independence. Accordingly, membership in international organizations from the West has been the main foreign policy target. However, its geographical location prevented Lithuania from turning its back to the east, namely the Russian Federation. Because the continuation of the relationship with the Russian Federation has formed necessity more than an option for Lithuania. In this article, the interest of Western and Eastern civilizations against Lithuania, which is one of the Baltic trio, and the reaction of the Lithuanian people towards this interest have been examined.

Lithuania, Baltic, Russia


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