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The Nature Of The Winged Words And Different Utterances Of Askar Suleimenov

The article explores the artistic features, structure and power of winged words in the works of writer, playwright, translator Askar Suleimenov. It is clear that the structure of winged words as a genre of literature is similar to proverbs, but winged words are broader. In the main encyclopaedic collections winged words are relating to the apophages, maxima. Common features: short words, deep thoughts, accuracy, external beauty and aesthetic appeal. Winged words are divided From from proverbs by their origin. The article discusses features of aphorisms from the epigram, the paradox, the essay. The main goal of the winged words authors' is to explain to reader the deep meaning of the wise words by two words. Winged words arise from the synthesis of many data and consciousness and can be considered as conclusions, rules, regulations, conclusions. That is, an excerpt from a broad idea, a quintessence. The simplest difference is that the features of the winged word are so well remembered. The end of the idea indicates that winged words can exist independently. Virtuosity, perfection, energetic thought, realism are qualities of a winged word that attracts the reader. The article explores the scientific description of the Spanish philosopher and literary theorist and expert on mythology Baltasar Grasiyan’s work called "Pocket Oracle" (XVII century) where aphorism theory was explored as genre of literature at the first time. In addition, the definition of theoretical conclusions in the article is based on Kazakh winged words of the authors, including the work of the novelist, playwright, translator Askar Suleimenov called "Disjointed expressions". Word, sentence, style, drama, etc. wounded words of the writer, who gave his explanations for the conditions of literature are widely explained to the public. "The phrase has a life of writing, and this phrase has its own life. The writor tries to strike with a phrase, as if he tramples on the grass. One of the explanations of the works is a rhythm and glimpse. The article widely uses the complex thoughts of a different writers.

Kazakh aphorisms, playwright


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