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The concept of informatics is explained with the information, informatics, expressions, especially the collection and processing of information through electronic devices. The concept of informatics is considered as a concept of how useful information is produced, processed, classified, stored, transmitted, used, and how it is organized with other sets of information. We can consider the Age of Information as the name given to the period in which the developments in information and communication technologies directly affect the social, economic and scientific fields and the orientations of these fields and gradually the network society emerged. The network society expressed here can be explained in the form of a society structure that uses information technologies and digital technology tools and machines that work with the internet's people's lives, which can be used and provide easy access to valuable information. Digital photography is one of the most used visual communication materials used by graphic designers in the process of conveying the message carried by poster designs directly to the public. In this age of digitalization, digital photography, which makes use of this process, attracts a lot of attention from designers in terms of both its fast production and the convenience it offers in poster designs. The photography, which could be produced after many difficult stages in the past, can now be taken quickly with cameras with advanced digital systems, and can be directly or indirectly included in the visual system of poster designs. Today, photos can be shaped in line with the purpose determined by advanced graphic design programs in computer environment. Information age poster designs can be created with photographs that can attract people's attention in daily life. These poster designs can affect people more in social media and in virtual environment. By using the power of digital photography in poster designs, information processes of the information age can be transferred to the masses in a short time, directly and effectively, via a visual system. The production of digital photographs, their use in poster designs, their presentation in the physical or virtual world ends in a very short time with technological developments in the information age. This situation shows us that the visual power of photographs used in poster designs on people continues to have an impact in the informatics age as in the past. In this context, digital technology and photo interaction in information age poster designs were evaluated and the usage status of digital photos in poster designs was examined.

Informatics, Information Age, Poster Design, Digital Photograph.


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