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A Qualitative Study To Understand The Effects Of Covid-19 (Sars-CoV2) Process On University Youth

Covid-19 (Sars-CoV2), an epidemic disease that occurred in Wuhan, China in December 2019, caused by a new Corona virus family, spread to the whole world in a short time and was declared as Pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 12, 2020. After the first cases seen in Turkey on March 10, 2020, as part of measures were well received in many countries both primary schools and universities have been suspended in Turkey. University students form a group that exhibits different characteristics from a group consist of primary school students in terms of both age and conditions. This group, while showing the characteristics of the youth period, has started to stand on its own feet by declaring their autonomy to some extent and gaining the university, and trying to establish their own life styles. However, the new situation that emerged at an unexpected moment brought them back to their homes and to take a break from their new lives. In this study, how the university youth who returned to their homes during the pandemic process were affected by this process and how they evaluated this process, which they witnessed history, has been tried to be revealed from a sociological perspective. This study is expected to shed light on both families and university administrators to understand young people's thoughts about the process.

Covid-19 (Sars-CoV2), Youth, University Youth, Epidemics


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