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Öz: In this article; The main emphasis of the paintings of the painter Edward Hopper is how the isolation and de-solidarity experienced by individuals are reflected by the pictorial elements used in the artist's compositions. Reflected with the disturbing feeling of abandonment in the spaces of Hopper's art, which is shaped by the negative effects of the 1930s on lonely individuals, the reflected pictorial elements reveal the link between the way they approach the subject and the formal elements of their paintings and the American social structure of the 20th century. Edward Hopper, one of the original artists of America, included the reflections of the years of crisis that dominated the entire country in his paintings. In his book Night Birds \ Nighthawks, he described the lost, lonely, painful, calm and emotional states of people. A cheap restaurant in Greenwich Village in the Manhattan Region of America, which experiences the sadness and gloom created by the crisis that dominated the period when the painting was made, and four people were depicted. Hoppe; He has produced works that stand out by showing the individual loneliness of man in crowds. The subject that he mainly focuses on is “human”. It describes this universal subject, which cannot be considered independently of its surroundings, with the world of the day and century it lived. In this research, the main common denominator of the works that dealt with the reflections of Edward Hopper's views on American daily life is; The emphasis is on the loneliness and alienation of the individual, who becomes more and more lonely every day. Nevertheless, when the result of the research is analyzed, it has been seen how the expressions of art change shape in each period and how it has completed its transformation by being affected by each other and how it manifests itself in this confusion.

Keywords: Edward Hopper, Loneliness, Alienation, Melancholy


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